‘That’ conversation

Well, we’ve had that conversation, TTB and me.  And whatever you’re thinking, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that…  It went something like this:

Me:  I’ve got something I need to talk to you about

TTB: umm….?

Me: Well, I write a blog

TTB:  You told me that already…

Me:  Yes, but I didn’t tell you that…um…you feature in it.  Quite a lot.

TTB: umm…?

(He doesn’t ‘umm’ that much for the record, but he did those sort of noises that are a combination of non committal and blind panic…)

I suggested he take a look.  I didn’t think through that doing this while I was next to him was perhaps not the best plan, but I have to say, he took it very well.


Me:  Ummm…that will be ‘The Toy Boy’…

I think I made him smile though.  Sort of. :o)

a bumpkinsville sunset

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