Pillow of Power!

A week or so ago, one of my work mummy friends mentioned that her little boy was having nightmares and wondered if I could make something that could help.

The idea made me smiley, the making made me smiley and the outcome made me smiley.

This is what I sent (along with the goods) to work mummy’s little man yesterday:

This is a special pack that will help you stop having nightmares. 

Put the pillow at the end of your bed and you will find lots of things to help you in your special Pocket of Power!

There is a special pouch for fairy dust.  It has three stars in it that you can put on your bedroom floor to keep all scary things out of your bedroom. 

There is a Magic Hankie. If you put a magic hankie under your pillow it will stop any nightmares that have woken you up from coming back.

Best of all though, there is a sleepy bug! 

Sleepy bug will look after you aaaallllll night, and if you cuddle him, when he gets warm you will smell his very special smell which will help you feel all relaxed and sleepy.

I hope you like your pillow of power…and I really hope that it helps to stop your nasty nightmares.

Lots of Love,


And is the report I had back this morning:

 he loved it and this morning bounced into my room to say ‘it works mummy – I didn’t have any sleepmares!’

But this is the best picture ever:

That doesn't look like a nightmare filled sleep :o)

 Pog Power worked!  :o)

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5 Responses to Pillow of Power!

  1. Kate says:

    I love, love, love this… Your creativity astounds me…. Pog to the rescue!

  2. Tom says:

    frankly that’s a brilliant pic, and an awesome result :)

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