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Step mum Pog take 1

With Our Towers a new experience has arrived:  being a step mum. (Kind of.  Are you a step mum if you aren’t married to your Himself?  I’ve given up trying to work it out).  Anyway, this was the first full … Continue reading

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The magic Magical Pillow

Almost a year ago a friend asked me to make something to help cure her son’s nightmares.  It seemed a tall order, but the Pillow of Power was born.  And weirdly, it worked. Roll on 10 months; another friend remembered … Continue reading

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Pillow of Power!

A week or so ago, one of my work mummy friends mentioned that her little boy was having nightmares and wondered if I could make something that could help. The idea made me smiley, the making made me smiley and … Continue reading

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Nasty Nightmares

For the last few weeks I’ve been having really quite bad nightmares.  The unspecified sort that wake to up repeatedly, scaring both you and the cats, but which you cannot remember one scrap of detail about the second you sit … Continue reading

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