The magic Magical Pillow

Almost a year ago a friend asked me to make something to help cure her son’s nightmares.  It seemed a tall order, but the Pillow of Power was born.  And weirdly, it worked.

Roll on 10 months; another friend remembered this post and asked if I could help her friend’s daughter.  This little girl had a bit of a monster issue (they can be really pesky things, those monsters), so I decided she needed something a little bit different.  (Translation:  I had none of the original materials or patterns,  – just a photo…)

So I started with a dragon.  Just as I finished her, someone posted on our company intranet that I crocheted.  Concerned I may lose credibility – ignoring the fact that I had none to start with – I posted a picture of the dragon along with a little of the story.  How I thought it better people imagined me crocheting dragons rather than lots and lots of blankets, I don’t know.

Anyway, a colleague in Canada who I have never spoken with, let alone met, contacted me as a result of my picture.  He wrote stories for children and had one about a dragon looking after a princess….would I like to include a copy with my magical pillow?  Isn’t that lovely?

I finished the pillow – again, the only thing that might physically help was a little pouch of levender I’d stuffed in Dragon’s nose -, printed the lovely colleagues story and created some instructions:

This is a special pillow that will keep the monsters away from your bedroom (and anywhere else they might try to hide). 

Put the pillow at the end of your bed and you will find lots of things to help you in the special front pocket.

There is a pouch for fairy dust.  It has three hearts in it that you can put on your bedroom floor.  These hearts have the power to make monsters vanish.  Poof!

There is a Magic Hankie. If you put a magic hankie under your pillow it will stop any nightmares that have woken you up from coming back. 

Best of all though, there is Dragon.  Dragon is an expert at scaring away monsters and she has promised me that she will always look after you.  All she asks in return is that you cuddle her every night.  When she is happy you will be able to smell her very special smell which will help you feel all relaxed and sleepy.

I hope you like your magical pillow.  I know it will help chase away those monsters.

Lots of Love,


It turned out that the little girl lives in Australia so I sent it to my friend to send on.  It arrived on Friday.  On Saturday her Mummy e-mailed me:

‘It worked! It worked! …. I can’t believe it.’

I do like a happy ending :o)

dragon pillow

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8 Responses to The magic Magical Pillow

  1. tilleyb says:

    Such a sweet story, and beautiful idea x

  2. Paula Harrington says:

    Dear Pog – you’re amazing. That’s all – I’m sort of lost for words. You’re amazing. x

  3. Shirley and John says:

    Hhh-you are a diamond!!

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