Entirely Norman. I’m sorry. Kind of.

“A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime.”

-Mark Twain Notebook, 1895

I can only assume that for the last few weeks, Norman has been keeping this intelligence under wraps.  He owns two lovely comfortable baskets (I have sat in both to try to persuade him in, so it’s the voice of experience talking there), a blanket I crocheted just for him and his own stall with a cushion on top.  Does he recline on these throughout the day?  Does he hell.  I’ve been snapping him since I’ve been at home more, and this is the compliation:

‘It’s a day bed.  I’m reclining in a day bed fashion.  Never mind that you say I’m a cat’:10

‘Yup, I know it’s a plastic bag, but it is the best plastic bag ever.  I will lie on it for at least 3 hours and wink at you’:


‘I know it is your working chair, but you moved for at least 10 seconds.  You must now kneel on the floor at your laptop instead, and I will stay right here.’:8

 ‘I am hiding.  And liberally covering your jumpers in fur’.:7

 ‘You said it’s carpet, so why can’t I sit on it?  Why do we have to “not tell the carpet man?”‘:6

‘Is this a more cat appropriate daybed recline pose?’:5

 ‘This door mat is so bristly…ooh… the sun, I must catch the sun!’:


‘Well, this is a little embarrassing, I appear to have face planted the carpet.’:


‘I was trying to kill the duvet.  But I think it won.’:


And to finish on another quote, which probably sums up this post…or at least me, quite accurately:

“There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.”

– Dan Greenberg


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6 Responses to Entirely Norman. I’m sorry. Kind of.

  1. haha what an interesting quote!

    • thepogblog says:

      I’m not sure it accurate…not for Norman anyway as he has taught himself all the crimes he knows (stealing a neighbours cooked food being the main one!). The other quote though…I think he nailed it :o)

  2. hushsix says:

    My cats are the same way. They either want to sit exactly where I am sitting – beside me is never enough – or they are climbing into any random cardboard box that groceries came in. I gave up trying to get “cat beds” for them ages ago.

  3. Paula Harrington says:

    I actually believe we are among the sanest people we know, and it’s our cats and the cat talk that keep us that way:-) I love, love, love Norman – I can look at his photo for hours. My Phantom has a predilection for making his bed in clean laundry. He can sniff it out at 100 paces. And one day I must get a photo of his foot fetish position: he lays with his head and front paws in my husband’s furry slippers. I long ago stopped asking ‘why.’ xx

    • thepogblog says:

      THat doesn’t say a lot for the other people you know! Norman is honoured that you like looking at him, and we both want to see Phantom and his foot fetish – that’s brilliant! x

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