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Back in August I told you about a film we created at work (#thisisme) where I talked about my hair pulling from a few years back.  Happily there wasn’t much of me in the final cut (I’m still weirded out that I look like that) and the other people who took part talked about things far braver than my story, but I did say I’d share it if I could, so here you go:

At work it’s been watched over 4500 times and many people have commented that it’s helped them in some way.  A few people have sent me messages about their mental health story and a couple have talked to me in person.  I really believe that the more people talk, the easier it is to handle the dark bits – whatever shape those dark bits might take.

All of us in the film gave permission for the content to be published externally so if you think it might be useful to people you know, feel free to share the You Tube link.  I don’t mind being weirded out so much by myself if it helps someone else.  :o)

And if you’ve missed the posts I wrote on this at the time this is what I talked about in the film:

hair 3

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