Michelin Pog

Most of the people in my office are at an event in the US this week.  That meant that I got to work from home yesterday and today and this has many benefits:

  • I get an extra few hours in bed – no 4.30am alarm – hooray!
  • I don’t have to de-ice the car.  I don’t even have to get in the car or the train (and no Sniffy Woman!)
  • I get a lot more work done than I would in the office because there are fewer distractions and I don’t have four hours of commuting to contend with
  • It doesn’t matter what I look like because nobody will see me
  • Nobody can see the two spots on my chin that are so big I’ve considered drawing arms and legs on them, naming them and involving them in today’s conference calls.
  • I get to see the gorgeous winter blue sky from my desk:


There is one big downside though:

The quietest place to work in Pog Towers is my conservatory (my neighbours only seem able to communicate through shouting, although to give them their dues, I’ve not had to ask them to turn down their music at all today which is rare).  Unfortunately, it’s really, really cold in my conservatory.  I’ve had two heaters on all day, but 10 hours later, it’s still only 12 degrees in here.  This morning it was silly cold:

That's -3.3 outside, 0.2 inside

That’s -3.3 outside, 0.2 inside

But that is ok…kind of.  As I said, one of the benefits of being at home is that it doesn’t matter what I look like.  So today I have been wearing:

  • One long sleeved thermal vest
  • Two woolly jumpers
  • One fleece lined hoody
  • One pair of thermal leggings (thank you Sister 1)
  • One pair of tracksuit bottoms
  • One pair of slipper socks
  • One pair of slippers
  • Finger less mittens
  • And….my bobble hat.  Boy, I’m glad I finished making it at the weekend.


I think Mum is right.  I am part toad :o)

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2 Responses to Michelin Pog

  1. The good news is that it is forecast to be warmer from Friday! So you will be able to take a jumper off. And there isn’t any bad news, which is good news! Incidentally, I think therefore I am (going back a blog or two).😀😺🌻

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