Reasons number 3289752 – 3289754

So, once again, we should thank our lucky stars that this Pog is only an Auntie rather than a Mummy.  And this is why:

Little Pea came to Beachville for a short stay this weekend. Nanny and Grandad brought him down and they stayed for a day too.  We decided to get the bus into town but the road was closed after a rather bad accident we had to walk past before we could get to the diverted buses.  There were a lot of blue lights and people and Little Pea was rather concerned that ‘people might have died and gone to heaven’.  We talked about the fact that everyone was being looked after very well and that I was sure nobody would have died.  End of story?  No.  After a stroll along the seafront taking in everything from Darth Vader to a smoking rhino to a ride on a carousel we hopped off the bus on the way back for me to show Nanny a rather different looking church (Nanny likes her churches.  We think she’s been to every one on every Greek island she’s ever visited).

I had to tell Little Pea to whisper; not because as he suggested ‘the monsters would hear and come and get him’, but because of the rather uptight looking ladies beadily watching everyone who came in from their official beady eyed table.  Unfortunately it all got a bit chaotic then.  Little Pea asked Nanny about the lady at the front, Nanny explained that was Jesus on the cross and that Jesus died and I panicked that we were about to relive the concern over the accident.  I wanted to remind him that when people die they go to heaven and asked ‘what happens when you die?’

Well, that question was way too literal for a 4 year old and he demonstrated death to us right in front of the alter, to the consternation of the beady eyed ladies.  Because it turns out that dying is very loud and involves throwing your body around a lot while clutching your throat.  We left Nanny, Granddad, the beady eyed ladies and a man who told us to ‘shush’ in the church while we went out to run around in the rain.  And that was example one.

Example two was Sunday morning when I left Little Pea playing downstairs while I had a shower.  I thought that was ok, I really did.  I got out the shower, opened the bathroom door and smelled burning.  There was smoke.  ‘Are you ok?  What happened?’ I shouted as I ran down the stairs, imagining a fire and wondering if I should try to put it out or just dial 999 (nothing like ‘skipping to the end’ as Himself puts it).  ‘I’m ok Auntie Pog.  Just my chameleon died.’ (Chameleon is a much loved rubbery toy).  How did he die?  ‘He jumped on the light, Auntie Pog.’  Yes, Chameleon had indeed ‘jumped’ on the light that Little Pea had turned on, but other than a slightly poorly leg and a singed tummy, he was ok.  He’d just smoked quite a bit…

Phew.  House fire averted.

When I took Little Pea home I got to have dinner with the whole family.  So not only did I get to see my lovely Little Wisp with her eyes open, finally:

(She doesn’t seem terribly impressed by her Auntie Pog)

But I got to hold her the whole way through dinner.  And dropped cabbage all over her.

Yes, thank goodness I am only an auntie and only do part time little person chaos. :o)

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