When things don’t go to plan

Yesterday didn’t quite go to plan. The plan was to do a lovely autumn morning run with my group, finishing with everyone in pink running through Bumpkinstown high street for Breast Cancer Care, and in the afternoon to take Litte Pea to run the children’s race.

Things started ok. Over 100 or so women gathered and started the run and it was lovely….but this is the uk, and it’s October. The heavens opened and I couldn’t tell if the liquid running down my face was rain, sweat or snot. Either way, I suspect it wasn’t attractive.


Just before the downpour

I had arranged to shower at Sister 1’s house before I went to the hairdressers as I didn’t have time to get home. Unfortunately I also hadn’t had time to check my bag before I left in the morning and I’d taken a tea towel to dry myself on and forgotten my bra and hairbrush and didn’t have time to put on any make up.  Which I felt the need to explain to everyone at the hairdressers…

It was so soggy we decided the afternoon kids race wouldn’t be much fun so sister 1 and Little Pea came to my house to do some makingness. Makingness is a relaxing thing for me. Not so, it turns out with these two. Little Pea just wanted to ‘go round and round’ on my sofa chair thingy and play with Norman’s toys, the washing machine was on, and Sister 1 decided to drown it all out with some singing along to a cd. She is notoriously bad at hearing lyrics correctly, but I am still surprised she though one particular line was ‘I won’t be your porcupine’… It was chaotic:


But makingness was achieved, and we managed to put the house back together eventually…

Norman and I needed a rest after all that but it turned out he was so exhausted, he forgot how to cat:


Today Pog Towers is feeling very quiet. Happily, we are all meeting at Sister 2’s house this afternoon :o)




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