Confusion and happy pants (again)

I got a weird phone call today.  It went like this:

Him: Hi, is that Ken Jones, the electrician?

Me: Sorry? (Because, you know, I might have completely misheard that entire, very clear line he had spoken)

Him: Are you Ken Jones, an electrician?

And because I was feeling happy (1 – It’s Friday, 2 – I have my happy pants on*) I replied with:

Me: No, this is <my full name, full job title full company name)

Him: Ah.  Could I check, is this number I just dialed definitely you’re number?12345678900

Me: That’s definitely my number

Him: <Mumbled something>

Me: <Hedging my bets as I’m not likely to speak to this person ever again>  Um….No?

Him: You don’t?

Me: <Realising that ‘no’ might have been the wrong answer>  Sorry.  I meant yes.

Him: Ah, ok.  You’re moving house soon aren’t you?

Ok, this just got weird.  A random person calling someone else knows I am moving house.  And if he didn’t already know, as well as my phone number he now has my full name, job title and company name.  I am an idiot.

Me:  I’m sorry.  Who are you?

Him:  I’m John.  I think she must have written your number rather than his.  You said you know her – The Lovely Nut (an elderly friend of mine who does indeed, frequently get things in a complete muddle).

So it turned out that John was calling an electrician for the Lovely Nut, but she’d written my number down rather than the electricians.  John knew who I was.  I (not given to remembering faces, names, and especially voices) still hadn’t got a clue who he was.  Eventually, after even more confusion, I worked it out.  I was told the Lovely nut sent her love (she was there all this time and didn’t think to explain to either of us?!) and that was the end of that.


The phone call after that offering to replace my fantastic but just out of warranty shower for an even better model for half the retail price and a new full 5 year warranty seemed completely normal in comparison.  (Although, let’s be honest.  Why would they do that?  They’ve even offered me the same for my new house…and knocked some more money off.**)

* I was hoping for a letter to progress the house buying process.  Of course, pants in place it dropped through my letterbox this morning.

** My happy pants have obviously been working hard today

Happy passion flower in the garden today

Happy passion flower in the garden today


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3 Responses to Confusion and happy pants (again)

  1. notewords says:

    You don’t hire out those pants, do you?

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