The three legged donkey

Oh lordy.  I’ve seen a video of myself running.  This is not good.

I started running 5 months ago.  I was warned by my sisters over the years never to do so in public, and I didn’t.  But I was talked into a beginners course by the lovely people at my fit ball class and thought I’d take the risk.  I was so proud of my achievements – I run 5k every week on my own and around 8k with the running group every Saturday.  I’m not good, but I enjoy it, and I can finally fit back in the trousers that became a bit of a gamble to sit down in last year.

When I run on my own, it’s around Bumpkinsville.  I started running through the fields, so I couldn’t be seen, but as I got more confident I moved to the roads (with the added benefit that I didn’t have to run sideways through waist high nettles or get soggy feet from long grass).  People smile at me when I run.  I thought it was that Bumpkinsville was full of friendly people.  Now I know better.  I’m pretty sure they are all laughing at me.

Because that video?  Everyone else in it looks elegant, effortless.  But wow.  I look like a lump on legs with uncontrollable arms.  I actually appear to be trying out the upper cut punches I was taught at kickboxing years ago. (I was terrible at that too – so terrible I put myself in hospital after kicking….well, thin air.)  I told Sister 1.  She said Sister 2 told her I breathe funny when I run too.  So now I know I look and sound ridiculous. The irony of all this is that I blogged about the beginners course on their site as ‘The Three Legged Donkey’ – I should have gone for ‘Black Beauty’ (Or Chilli Chocolate Beauty, if we’re going to be accurate about it) – it might have been some sort of self fulfilling prophesy.

The problem is that I have (very stupidly) signed up for a 10k run in November.  Lots of people will see me.  I mentioned this to Sister 1.  When she stopped laughing, she suggested a costume.  I may have to crochet one.

Tonight I am off to fit ball.  I just hope nobody has any bright ideas about videoing that, or my exercise options are likely to dramatically reduce :o)

At least the only thing I have to look at is the view :)

At least the only thing I have to look at is the view :)

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3 Responses to The three legged donkey

  1. notewords says:

    Don’t let it stop you!
    I’m short (around 5 foot or 1,5 meters) so some people seem to think anything I do looks funny. I would have missed a lot of great stuff if I’d let them put me off.
    A world class South African runner had such an odd running style that his nick-name meant ‘run and fall’

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