It’s only Tuesday?

It feels like a lot later in the week.  A short while ago my boss in America sent me an instant message about a decision I’d made.  We started discussing it and she asked for my phone number so we could talk it through properly.

Five minutes later the phone hadn’t rung and an instant message popped up on my screen: ‘Is this your number?’

My boss is brilliant.  I will cry if I ever have to work for anyone else between now and my retirement.  She tells me what she thinks, I tell her what I think, we talk fast and we get to the point.  When we have a conversation on instant messaging and it turns into a phone call, there is no preamble, we just continue where the other left off.

Which is why it was slightly awkward to realise I’d not given her my phone number.  I’d given her my parent’s.  And my mum sounds like me.  So she’d answered the phone and my boss had gone straight into the issue at hand for quite a while before Mum managed to get a word in edge ways and explain she had the wrong number…

I assume my boss thought she’d misdialled because it turns out she tried again…and got my Dad.

Luckily, all three have a good sense of humour.  My boss said (once I’d stopped laughing) that had she known who she was talking to, she’d have given them a report of how I’m doing at work.  When I called my parents to explain why an American woman had been trying to solve custom stream issues with them, they took down her name so they can have a proper chat should she call again.

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.  And hope that Friday comes around soon. :o)

Just because it's pretty.  And calming!

Just because it’s pretty. And calming!


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13 Responses to It’s only Tuesday?

  1. Paula says:

    That’s hysterical. It could only happen to you and Heidi :) And it seems to be that kind of week. There are a few of us thinking it MUST be at least Wednesday and/or praying for Friday. xx

  2. lynnbashforth says:

    Only you ;-) and I am intrigued by your impending news… will be waiting on Friday! Lxx

  3. The Boss :) says:

    The boss likes the fact she has her own tag :) XO

  4. Heidi says:

    Lol! X x Pog you make me smile

  5. plodwin says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear Pog! What will you do next?! I can’t stop laughing – I can just imagine how your boss (my compatriot) swung into action! Brilliant :-) xx

    • thepogblog says:

      well I’m hoping I don’t do it again (as, I imagine, is my boss)! As for ‘next’, I’m always hoping there isn’t one but knowing there probably is! x

  6. Pog M says:

    Hello – I am also called Pog!!! Thought I would just say hello :-)

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