Why I shouldn’t attempt to draw

I have always been bad at drawing.  I mean, really bad.  When I was at school, my highest grade for Art was a C.  My picture was so bad that my teacher re-drew it for me and I just had to colour it in.  So basically, I managed a C for colouring in, aged 14.  Brilliant.

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday and I like making cards for people, but I’d exhausted my ideas for Mum – she’d had the photo ones, the crochet based ones and the ones that probably have a fancy name but are basically cut out bits of paper on a card.  So in a last minute panic, I decided to go back to my childhood and draw a picture of me and my Mummy.  The card I presented her with was this:


If I were 5, I imagine it could be considered quite good, but clearly I’m a bit older than that.  We posed for a photo to see just how good the likeness was:



It made my family laugh though.  Pretty hysterically as it turned out. So I thought I’d try again for Little Pea’s birthday.  I don’t think there was even a smidgen of improvement:


But we posed together anyway, just so you can check it out for yourself (He wouldn’t do standing next to me…his knees got all bendy when we tried that):


I think you can see why I never got higher than that C.  I don’t think I’ll be starting a production line anytime soon, but at least I know my attempts at drawing can raise a smile :o)

And just because he is SUCH a little lump of gorgeousness, here’s Little Pea without me to detract from the picture, aged one year and one day old.  What a big boy:

a4 :o)

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2 Responses to Why I shouldn’t attempt to draw

  1. Happea birthday Little Pea! And Pog, if I were an art teacher, I’d give you a B for using different mediums :)

    • thepogblog says:

      You got the ‘Happea’ – my Dad thought I’d made a spelling mistake! And thank you – you are a lot kinder than Mrs Ike, my art teacher was :o)

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