A delayed holiday update

I hope the last post explained why I may have chose to go on holiday with my parents this year.  Well, that and the fact that we all love Greek islands.  

The parents (also known as ‘the old seniles’) have been known to have a senior moment or two.  There’s nothing that highlights such moments though as two weeks together…so much so that I started noting some of the things that happened.  Things such as:

Dad forgetting his walking stick which was slightly problematic with the 10 mile walk they had planned (and they didn’t tell me until an hour in that no, it wasn’t a two hour walk – it was 4 ¾ for the record).  Hand carved olive wood walking sticks were rather pricey so the solution we came up with was…a mop handle.  He looked like a cross between a tourist and a cleaner wandering around with it…

My favourite Mum quote: ‘Jesus went to Glastonbury’  (It turns out that 1) she wasn’t talking about the festival and 2) this conviction was based on a fictional book that she was reading.)

My favourite Dad quote:  (While giving old seniles a swimming less in retaliation for the 10 mile mountain trek) ‘I can’t take my feet off the bottom of the pool.  I’m a Virgo.  It’s an earth sign…!’

And one of the slightly frustrating conversations:  The old seniles kindly got me a citronella candles at the local shop to keep away the mossies.  Later I took it with me up to their apartment as I couldn’t light it (no lighter due to no smoking).

Dad:  oh, have ours then (offering me the candle that they bought with them from Tesco – yes, really)

Me (confused):  I can’t light that one either…

Dad (very grumpy):  Well, what do you want me to do?

Me:  Erm, maybe I could borrow your lighter?

Dad:  Lighter!  Light!  I thought you said ‘like’…that you didn’t like it!

And just because it’s not fair to only laugh at the old seniles, I had a senior moment too.  I got my insect repellent spray and hairspray confused.  I strongly suggest you don’t do the same as it turns out it’s really difficult to get a good coating of hairspray off your arms…

 Actually you know, it was a good holiday :o)

How could you not have a good holiday here?!

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