Pog Ponderings

I’ve been doing a bit of pondering.  And I thought I’d share it with you …well, not much else happens when you’re not moving a lot due to ouchy blimin’ gallstones…  Sorry about that.  So here goes:

  • Is there any wildlife left in the vicinity of Pog Towers after a certain Charlie and Norman have, in the last week, bought me gifts of 2 birds (one alive, one dead), two mousey-type-things, two butterflies and a slug?
  • Should a certain puss cat bring you the gift of a live bird, it is a jolly useful thing to have a Sister 1 in the vicinity.  What that girl can do with a tea towel is most impressive.
  • Perhaps I should have wondered a little earlier why my moisturiser was leaving me feeling so sticky.  It turns out I’d muddled it with the shower gel and had been slapping it on my arms and legs after my shower for well over a week.
  • Just how many meals in a row this week will involve tuna? (tuna being ok on the low-fat-gallstone-friendly diet.)  This week it was three meals in a row and eight in total.  I’m going off tuna.
  • It’s definitely be a warm day.  I know this because my neighbour has spent the day in his white Y-fronts.  I know this because he was doing his watering in them.  I need a bigger hedge.
  •  Is there anything cuter (other than Charlie and Norman of course) that Sister 1 and co’s new addition to the family?


No…didn’t think so :o)

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