Ithaca – Rachi

Today we walked to my most favourite place on Ithaca…a teeny tiny place called Rachi, where all there is to do is stop at the mini market that the locals use as a bar, and sit outside listening to the wind in the olive trees while you have a drink. You need a drink by the time you get there as it’s a 40 minute walk with not much shade…and its warm over here :o)
On the way back we walked across a beautiful, deserted beach. Deserted, that is apart from a local doing a spot of sunbathing with his bits a pieces out. I didn’t include him in the photo below…
We did get a take out from the mini market…home made spinach pie, home made something else pie that we couldn’t identify, and home made wine…which could probably be used to power a motor boat. But we’ll probably drink it all anyway :o)

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4 Responses to Ithaca – Rachi

  1. Beautiful! Hope you’re fully relaxed into it already-looks like paradise :)

  2. shoutydrunk says:

    Oh I am jealous. Have you made it to the other side of the island yet? Or is that a trip too far?

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