Not taking the biscuit. Or the cupcake. (Surprisingly)

A few weeks ago I met Maureen and Margaret over the garden fence.  They invited me to the Macmillan coffee morning they were planning at the supported living residence up the road.  That day was today.

Not being one to turn down the offer of cake, I wandered up there this morning in the hope that I might meet some of the neighbours.

It was a little….odd.  One cookie, a couple of cupcakes and a table of jumble that I imagine some of the residents had previously owned for around half a century.  Nevertheless, I paid for a coffee and sipped it while desperately looking around wondering what to do with myself. There were two elderly residents deep in conversation and one earnestly folding raffle tickets with pursed lips.

I busied myself with buying and helping with raffle tickets and slowly people came in from the neighbouring houses.  I heard all about how Ann Marie from the next road down had a look around the house I live in when her daughter’s friend lived here 25 years ago.  I heard a lot from Geoff about his role in the rambling club, his reports on the coastal path and his lapsed involvement with the RSPB.  I met Mary from the house next door who, despite looking about 158, was as bright as a button and the only one who asked what my job was and seemed to understand my answer (which I’ve now broken down to ‘I write stuff’, but still seems to baffle people).  I also answered many, many questions about Norman from the residents…

Despite the initial panic, it was actually an enjoyable 20 minutes and at least now I have a few more faces to nod at which is the way you start fitting in, isn’t it?

And then, about an hour later there was a knock on the door and a lady proudly held this bottle out to me:

I had a winning raffle ticket!

I’ve never heard of ‘perry’ before, but the interweb informs me it is an ‘alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears’.  The fact that they needed to shout about the sugar and sweetener suggests one way or another it’s quite potent:

But I’m not going to complain.  And now I’m off to pop my perry cherry :o)

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