Smiley signs

As well as quietness and  loveliness, Ibiza does signs that made us smile lots.  It seemed wrong not to share these, so here you go:

At this beach, only red trunks or teeny tiny bikinis are allowed:

And definitely no very pert, very circular red boobs:

The male and female toilet signs that work in the rest of the world clearly don’t express the level of discomfort felt by those caught at Ibiza airport:

At first glance there is nothing wrong with this, but Himself spotted what the model failed to mention, the photographer never noticed and presumably a heap of people signed off on before the image was plastered all over the side of drinks machines.  The image of a model holding a cup of coffee…

….with a manky plaster on the finger that’s the focus of the image:

With this one the obvious question is ‘It’s ok to drink everyone else’s though, right?’

And our personal favourite.  There were about five of these on a stretch of road that took around 10 minutes to walk.  There was no sign of any animal that required a warning.  Other than cicadas and seagulls, there weren’t actually any animals.  It wasn’t really obvious what animal the sign was supposed to be, but it was apparently quite small based on the size on the sign.  We decided it was obviously warning of pygmy donkies.  With udders:

We also decided the pygmy donkies were parachuted in at night from China.  I have no idea why we decided that.  I suspect a glass or two of wine may have been involved…


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