Pog tips on: Food – part 1

When I went to Tacloban I decided that I would try to say yes to every new experience offered, including the food.  That’s quite a big thing for me.  I stuck to my decision quite well – there was only one thing I refused to eat, but more of that on another post.  I  think this was the right decision as it turned out Mama Pat and her family were a bit worried about what I would and wouldn’t eat, and one of my biggest compliments was when Mamma Pat said ‘I like my visitor; she eats everything I put in front of her!’

Some things though, were a long way from what we’d have back home and this particular thing I felt deserved a post of its own.  It’s the Halo Halo.

halo halo

At the bottom of the bowl is ice (think slush puppie style).  And you can see the ice cream, sprinkled with cornflakes.  And at the top of the picture you can probably see the cubes of jelly, custard and a sugary sweet thing.  There’s a bit of dried banana in there too.

But at the bottom, do you see that?  Yup, that’s…sweetcorn.  And nestled next to that and under the ice cream are some kidney beans and chickpeas.

With absolutely no offence to my new Filipino friends: Seriously?  Did someone have issues one day over whether they wanted to go sweet or savoury, so put the lot in one bowl?  Because ‘Halo Halo’ actually means ‘Mix Mix’ – you’re supposed to combine the lot!  I opted  not to do that so I could be aware each time I was about to eat a mouthful of vegetables with my ice cream…

I ate half of mine – with Mama Pat’s feeding there wasn’t much room for the entire ‘meal in a bowl’.  It was one of many experiences that I could never have anticipated…  So be careful if you’re ever offered an ice cream in the Philippines – you might want to check if it’s sweet, savoury or both. :o)

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