Travels of a Pog

irrelevant, but spotted up north and it made me smile:o)

 This weekend I went ‘up North’.  Cheshire to be exact (and lovely it was too…thank you Northern Lass friends).

1)     Even if a train ride is only a couple of hours, if it is a different journey from my usual commute, I am incapable of getting on the train without vast quantities of food

2)     The purchasing of this food does not follow my usual rules.  Euston station suddenly becomes a place full of culinary delicacies.  Lunch can require a second mortgage and I won’t bat an eyelid.  £10 for lunch?  Bargain.

3)     The food can contain two weeks worth of calories and it wont worry me in the slightest.  Despite the fact that I am going to munch through it in record time and then sleep it off.

Another station essential for no particularly good reason is the urge to use the delightful station toilets.  For 30p.  Now despite the fact that spending a fortune on food is reasonable when in the confines of the stations walls, spending a fraction of that on the toilets make me feel a bit grumpy.  A grumpiness that I made myself feel better about by using the ‘wide access’ toilet.  No, I’m not sure how that works either…something relating to value for money I guess…

The good news is that I am not alone in the food obsession.  Despite an enormous Sunday morning breakfast, Northern Lass friend packed me off home with enough food for three days (I’m not joking…I had lunch and dinner from the picnic yesterday, breakfast this morning and I still have some left for lunch tomorrow!)

hungry callipitter

He didn't take a big enough packed lunch...

So that is the train – food obsession.  The plane – food obsession is even worse.  Luckily for both the bank balance and the waist line that is less frequent though…

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