A smile, a compliment and erm…

Today was one of those rather stressful ones that makes you feel like a stretched rubber band that is about to go ‘ping’.  To redress this, I jumped on my bike when I got home and cycled my fastest ever 20 miles. (Who says stress is a bad thing?!) About 10 miles in I was sweaty, panting and altogether not looking my best as I passed a pub with a group of people drinking outside.  Then I passed it again.  And again (I cycle in weird loops).  On the third time I was encouraged to ‘Gworn ma luv’ which I think translates from Kentish farmer into ‘Go on my Love’.  Now, I know if I adhered to political correctness I should probably have got a bit humphy about this, but it just made me smile and shout back that I was doing my best…  It also reminded me of the nicest compliment I have ever been given.

You need to understand that due to some weird genetics, my parent’s skinny legs bypassed me and my sisters.  Where our legs should be, we possess tree trunks.  We are all a little sensitive about this which is why it is surprising that on this particular night last year, I was wearing a short dress and knee high boots.  As is usual for me, I fell asleep on the train almost as soon as it pulled away from London Bridge and woke up minutes before it pulled into Country Bumpkinsville.  Minutes were long enough to see the scrap of paper on the seat next to me with a message on it though.  I looked around to see who it was really intended for, then realised it must be me (there was nobody else on the train at this point, so it had to be).  It said:

(It really is the original. I still may frame it.)

As you can see, I kept it (sad but true) but it has made me realise that compliments can mean a lot more to the person that receives them than we sometimes think. 

(For the record, ‘well, yes,  in another world I probably would sleep with you cos looks aren’t important to me’ is not  a compliment although it is hilarious when slurred at you by a drunken mate…you know who you are..;o)  )

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2 Responses to A smile, a compliment and erm…

  1. David Wood says:

    Excellent. It made me laugh at 7am!! Always remember that beauty comes from the inside not externally. xx

  2. Simon R says:

    Made me laugh too, just imagining the look on your face as you read the note.

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