Do you laughsnortle?

sometimes I'd like to be able to hide in the nearest bag too...

sometimes I'd like to be able to hide in the nearest bag too...

I did a laughsnortle today.  You know… one of those unexpected laughs caused by a friend that catches you while you are in the middle of something else.  In my case, in the middle of coughing.  So the laugh only partly escapes from your mouth.  The rest falls out your nose.  Along with anything else that has taken up residence there whilst mid-cold.  It is not attractive.  To add to the embarrassment factor, this laughsnortle was instigated via instant messaging in a silent office, so of course everyone heard.  Obviously it was also just as I was about to go into a meeting with some quite senior bods and had been trying hard to cultivate my ‘career woman’ image until this point (not hugely successful on any day, I will admit).  Of the whole day though (and it was a full 11 hours in the office) that is the bit that is making me smile while I sit here typing.

I think an occasional laughsnortle is probably a good thing.  I recommend it (although you might want a tissue handy for nose debris).

Having a friend who can make you laughsnortle is an even better thing.  Thank you laughsnortle friend:o)

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