Where is the greenest grass?

In case any of you occasionally, like me, suffer from ‘the grass is greener’ syndrome and yearn for the single life, I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a brief look at my weekend, which may give you a view of the weeds over this side of the fence.

My Saturday morning started early.  Not with a walk of shame after a night of drunkenness and debauchery as would befit someone of my single status.  Oh no.  I was walking to the local village hall to take part in an indoor boot fair organised by the WI. 

proof of the stall!

My lovely sisters came along to help (or in the case of one, stuff as much of our goods in her bag as possible).  Despite earning the equivalent of the minimum wage between us we had a giggle people watching and trying to work out why anyone would want the electric foot warmer on the stall opposite ours (we all felt it would carry a high chance of electrocution should the wearer spill a mug of tea into the ‘bootee’ that was designed to plug into the mains…).  Still, I couldn’t help feeling that maybe I should only just be struggling out of my bed with a pounding hangover as I packed up the unsold goods and left at mid day.

Next, though was coffee with a friend which was more like it.  Far more like it when I got there to discover that coffee had been passed over in favour of a couple of glasses of dry white wine.  A good gossip with a side order of steak sandwich made me feel that the grass was very green and I left with a big smile and a feeling that all was right in the world.  

and todays model wears...um...a cat tunnel

Meandering back to the car I was phoned by Friend-I-was-born-next-to-in-hospital who was going to visit in 20 minutes with her two little ones.  A panicked drive home was followed by the fastest hoovering on record, a spot of speed cookie baking (as a single bod I feel the need to demonstrate some sort of skill somewhere and cookie baking is about my only option).  Luckily, Friend-I-was-born-next-to-in-hospital and smallest little one felt I was domestic goddess in the cookie baking department.  Bigger little one preferred a Kinder Egg and putting the kitten tunnel on her head.  Two out of three ain’t bad.  I however,  felt in awe of friend-I-was-born-next-to-in-hospital who really does seem to have eyes in the back of her head and an ability to laugh and smile at all times…despite the noise that little people can make.  Now that is a skill!

As they left I lay down on the sofa conscious that if I wasn’t going out I should at least open a bottle of wine….but by the time I woke up I just settled down with a cup of tea, some cheese on toast and x-factor.

And that is kind of how it is.  Today was different but the same.  The only grunting that took place early this morning was as I cycled up hills, the only being sick was the small child I was holding for its mum that threw up down my black top and the strongest drink I have had is an espresso.  It’s not quite the excitement that you picture for someone single and in their 30’s, but it’s great in its own way.  Yes, I like the colour of the grass this side and even the occasional weed, thank you…:o)

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4 Responses to Where is the greenest grass?

  1. David Wood says:

    Very good reading but watch the “continuity”. In one sentence you talk about a couple of glasses of wine and then further down you say you have only drunk an expresso!!! Maybe the wine had more effect than you thought and you didn’t remember drinking it eh !!!!
    Not that I used to be a proof reader in a former life!!.
    Keep going they are very entertaining.
    Love your cycling friend’s Dad xx

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you lovely cycling friend’s dad:o) It must be too late in the day to be doing this – the wine was supposed to be yesterday and the espresso today! Either way, it’s time for bed. We must catch up soon – WI boot fairs permitting! xxx

  2. Ems says:

    Thanks for a lovely chat (well as much as possible with 2 noisy kids!) and yummy cookies. I’m thinking of getting Grace a cat tunnel for Christmas she had so much fun with it!! Who needs expensive toys! So pleased you didn’t post any pics of me – thank you! I’m loving my mug too – big hugs xx

    • thepogblog says:

      Was lovely to see you all sweetheart – come back down soon and I’ll make sure that the kitten tunnel is handy and that there is a more plentiful supply of cookies:o) xxx

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