I made food!

Tonight I made something that wasn’t toast!

I roasted tomatoes – from my garden, with feta and rosemary – from my garden (not the feta, obviously) and had that with lettuce – from my garden and a jacket potato:


It must have been good as Norman maneuvered himself from the cushion he seems to have adopted:


And subtly sat slightly closer to the plate:


(He’s very good – he only attempts to swipe food when I am at the final mouthfuls and it looks like I might polish the lot off).  It was good, even if I do say so myself.

Also, I made some lollies with the kids next door at the weekend.  I gave them to them this evening with instructions that if they wanted me to make more, they had to leave the plastic bits on the doorstep for me.  They rarely do anything anyone asks, and I fully expected to find them scattered around the road.  But I opened the door earlier, and:


They must have liked them enough to want more.  I’ll never be a cook, but 2/2 isn’t bad for a Tuesday :o)

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