Pog six eyes

I’ve never been keen on eyes.  If I think about them too much they spontaneously pour with water so agreeing with the optician last weekend that trying contact lenses was a good idea seems a bit daft.  But after spending the last few weeks, my entire holiday and every sunny moment while out driving with a permanent squint (I don’t have any glasses with darker lenses), it made a bit of sense to try.

I had a lesson on putting them in and taking them out.  I swore a lot, sweated a lot and ended up looking like I’d been crying for a few days, but was told that I had passed sufficiently to be allowed home to test a couple of options.

Last Sunday, I tried option two.  I can only assume that variety had been stored in acid rather than the more traditional watery solution.  30 seconds in my eyes were burning.  15 minutes in, my toes had curled in pain and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open long enough to remove the discs of torture.  My eyes watered solidly for two hours.  My eyelids were so swollen my Sister’s response on seeing me was ‘what the hell happened to your face?!’

So I went back to option one.  I’ve been building up the hours I’ve been wearing them for this week and yesterday I got up early so I could voluntarily poke myself in each eye before going to work.  I think I must still be doing something wrong.  I could feel the one in my right eye.  I’m pretty sure I could see it if I moved my eye too fast.  I had a three hour meeting and had to explain to the bloke I was sitting next to that I was being contact lens challenged, not, as it may have appeared, winking at him…

I’m not convinced this is for me, but I’m going to keep on trying so that I have a choice in eye furniture.  Apart from anything else, one pair of glasses is about to lose an arm and the other has a scratch across the lens – I don’t have a huge amount of choice until my new glasses are made up.

So should you see a winking person looking like they’ve been crying for a few days passing you in the near future, please just be impressed that I am taking on the challenge rather than being concerned :o)


Norman is making the most of my eye issues my trying to camouflage himself in the garden :o)


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