A weekend of deliciousness

Well that was a very lovely, rather food based, weekend.

Friday night was second date with TTB and, despite it being Friday 13th, it went ok.  When I told him of my cold bloodedness (while out on our first date of a ‘hike’ in the rain) he’d mentioned he turns the heating off in February ‘no matter what’.  I therefore went to his prepared with extra jumper and socks in my bag to discover…it was a furnace!  He’d put all the heating on so that I didn’t get cold and turned it into a tropical paradise perfect for Pogs!  Sadly, he was close to melting and the window had to be opened but I didn’t get cold – and didn’t have to get out my fluffy socks, which is probably a very good thing… 

TTB cooked me a rather lovely dinner.  It impresses me when people who live on their own cook as I mostly eat toast and yoghurt.  I guess (if he doesn’t come to his senses and disappear), it will be my turn to provide food next.  I hope he likes toast and yoghurt.  And cookies of course…

Saturday I was taken out by mummy of gorgeous godson for lunch – my birthday present from her.  It was great.  We had delicious food, large dollops of gossip time and huge slabs of cake with tea for two to round it off.  Even better, we’ve decided that this will be our Christmas and birthday presents to each other going forward so we’ll get to do it four times a year.  Time with good friends is soooo much lovelier than ‘things’.  I can highly recommend it :o)

tea for two...and a little bit of cake

And today was the usual dinner at mum and dads. Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and a 7 stone boxer deciding to fall asleep on your lap.  You just can’t beat it!

Why are weekends so short?  I have a few things to look forward to this week though – it’s just a shame they have to be punctuated with work  :o)

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