Pond overhauls and rabbits of doom

For those of you interested in the things we’re doing to Our Towers, Saturday morning it was about the pond.  And Rabbits.  Rabbits of Doom….

But first the pond.  We went from this:

To this:

Via this:

(Which was very stinky and ridiculously heavy.  We left it to dry out for the week before getting it in the car to go to the tip this weekend.  Of course, it’s rained every day since so it’s just as wet, but hopefully a little less potent in enclosed spaces….)

Now, the rabbits.

The previous owner of Our Towers left a rather…eclectic set of garden ornaments.  Some I disliked, some I hated.  And then there were the rabbits.  They scare me – so much so I’ve not moved them in case they have some power over the garden; their eyes full of doom follow us around outside.  There is one part way down:

And one right at the bottom:

And I was starting to be kind of ok with them, until we noticed on Monday that another, far bigger one had appeared out of nowhere on the side of the pond.  And he really is scary:

Himself and I are 99% sure he was not there before; I mean, we’d have noticed – he is quite large.  I checked my photos, but I cut that part of the pond out in all the ‘before’ photos.  I know they say rabbits breed like…rabbits, but surely the garden ornament variety aren’t included in that?  But then, how the hell…..?

The rabbits of doom:  I’ll let you know if they breed further.


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