The importance of cake and some alternative makingness

Between breaking and fixing my toilet and having cameras inserted places I’d rather they haven’t been, I’ve got a bit of makingness done too.  I’ve finished crocheting two Christmas presents (and am now trying to design a pattern for a third, which may be a bit of  a mistake), and have done a spot of secret bakering for this month.

I should have taken note that was called a Marmalade loaf and specified a loaf tin for cooking, but as I was making four of them, and only had one loaf tin I ignored that and just popped them in normal tins.  As a result, the loaf refused to cake and was a little on the heavy side….  The homeless man on The Strand that I gave some to for breakfast didn’t seem to mind though, and it all disappeared in the office:

make 2


And as the sign said on the way into work:

make 1And a cake is a cake.  And we all need to avoid kidnapping….

And in another potential creative moment, I decided to take some photos in the dark.  It was at 1am and I couldn’t sleep and it seemed sensible at the time.  I’m not sure they worked entirely (you can’t see what you’re actually getting in the frame, you obviously can’t focus, which means it’s a bit tricky), and you really do need a flash, or you end up with this:

make 3

Which is never going to impress anyone.  But I liked the way things stood out more than they seem to in daylight.  Well, you see what you think:

make 4

make 5

make 7

make 6


Maybe it’s something to try next time you can’t sleep:o)


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