A week of discoveries

It’s been a long week. Again.  My laptop helpfully confirmed this today when it showed me a document it had recovered after it went into melt down on Tuesday.  I could have sworn I only created this document on Monday, but look at the date:


412 years seem to have passed since I created it.  No wonder I’m feeling in need of the weekend.

There have been other discoveries this week:

I can smell a dead bird at 20 paces (thanks Norman cat).  Unfortunately when it is 11.30 pm and I have been awake for 19 hours and removal requires lifting a very heavy king sized bed, straight thinking goes out the window.  I Febreezed my bedroom sufficiently to drown out the smell of a flock of dead birds and then couldn’t breathe in there for the thick haze of air freshener.  I also dumped the bird rather unceremoniously in the kitchen bin which proved to be a mistake as, combined with the smell of mouldy oranges that had been languishing in there for a few days, I threw up the next morning when I opened the bin to empty it.  Oh, the joys of having a cat and a tired brain.

You can grow a Herman friendship cake from this:


To this (well, once you have added a few bits and bobs and put him in the oven).  Delicious.


 You can go almost an entire day without actually looking at yourself in mirrors.  When I finally did at the end of the day on Wednesday, I discovered that far from the sophisticated look I thought I had pulled off that morning (my hair is now actually long enough to require some hair gunk to flatten it a bit), I’d missed the large section right on my crown and looked like Mr Majeika:


And in my hat, I look like Jiminy Cricket:


Only without the umbrella.  I don’t use umbrellas as I have an uncanny knack of poking people in the eye with them.

A bar can actually disappear.  Well, almost.  I’ve been going to the same bar with various groups of friends for years as it’s right by the station and means you can leave it right to the last minite to run for the train.  Wednesday night a group of us planned to meet and…no bar.  Just a shell and dirty windows.

This led to the discovery of another bar which was far more upmarket a few doors away.  I think I brought the tone down somewhat though when I walked in looking Jiminey Cricket like (carrying a red spotted satchel rather than an umbrella), removed my hat to reveal my Mr Majeika look, ordered a bottle of house white and got all over excited when they bought the wine to me in a really posh ice bucket along with some free nibbles.

And finally, my friends must think I’m really odd.  I was telling them that I had crocheted a mobile for Little Pea and they looked disconcerted   I know my current obsession with crochet isn’t exactly exciting but I ploughed on, describing these:


And then they looked relived.  They had both thought I’d crocheted a mobile phone.  Ok, I can be odd, but really…?   :o)


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2 Responses to A week of discoveries

  1. Those crocheted animals are wonderful. You should be proud of them!

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