Goodbye poggyW (the company…not me!)

Because the blog seems to cover all of my life, it only seems right that I pop this on here.  I posted it on my company facebook page today:

I’m a little bit sad to tell you that as of today I have stopped trading as poggyW.  Not (as the Barclays business advisor assumed) because I’ve not had enough custom – quite the opposite.  I’ve worked out that between the day job and this I’ve been averaging an 80 hour working week (not including my commute to London, poggyW deliveries, trips to buy stock, research and time on here!) Sadly, I’ve realised that even full time I’d never make enough to cover my mortgage and eat and instead it’s all been getting rather stressful!

Thank you SO much for your custom.  The idea that people will pay for what I make has continued to stun me and make me very happy.  And for you lovely FB people, I’ll happily make up any items that I still have materials for – there is quite a lot.  It just wont be with any profit (so better for you – although as I only charge a few pounds an hour for my time, not THAT much better!)  Instead, I’ll be teaching myself new things and posting pictures.  If there is anything you fancy, as long as you cover the cost of materials I’ll happily make things for you – just at a far more leisurely pace than I have been until now.  If you are interested in anything, just comment as usual, or drop me a mail and we can discuss prices.  If you want something made from existing stock (baby goods, hoodies etc), again, contact me and we can work out the cost of materials.

Obviously any outstanding orders will be completed and I’ll still be at the fairs that I’ve signed up for.  I’ll also still send out random thank you gifts as I mentioned in my last post, just because that’s a nice sort of a thing to do :o)

Thank you all for all your custom – It’s made me so very happy for the last year and a half :o) x


poggywI set up poggyW in the hope that one day I’d be able to give up the rat race and sew to support myself, but I can’t actually continue feeling so blimin’ knackered all the time – particularly as I did some sums and realised that in my current situation – single, with a mortgage all of my very own – it would never be something that would support me and ‘Normous Norman.  It’s a bit sad that I failed in some respects but I’m looking forward to sewing for fun again…and getting back a bit of a life.  I was also in danger of developing a serious vitamin D deficiency as I was spending all weekend every weekend in the cellar / workroom!

On the upside, the more time I spend out of the cellar, the more time I will have for daft things to happen to me and the more blog posts there will be.  I think that is a positive :o)

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2 Responses to Goodbye poggyW (the company…not me!)

  1. 0sgr0 says:

    This is unfortunate, but a very sensible decision. There’s absolutely zero point in killing yourself through stress to make a few extra quid. Also, hobbyist is much more fun than pro, in my experience anyway. You can make what you like; take as long as you like doing it; but still know that you’ve “got it”. I have huge respect for the fact that you gave it such a good go and more importantly knew when it was time to stop. xx

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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