Photoshopping things

I always thought Photoshop was cheating.  I still kind of think that, but part way through a term of Photoshop classes, I also think it’s quite fun and a lot more complicated that I imagined it would be (especially ‘colouring in’ sepia photos.  Lordy).

This weeks lesson made me laugh quite a bit.  We took this couple at a model village:

And sent them to the mountains:

To a sunset:

And because of the hand-held-camera-timer-thingy looking like blowing-up-thingy, we got them to do this too:


Then we took some empty bottles:

And some random people:

And mixed the two up:

I liked the fact that on both it’s pretty obvious that they’ve been manipulated.  I don’t like looking at photos and not knowing if they are the real thing or not.  But then the teacher talked to us about that one off photo that you took that had a bird flying across detracting a bit from the image and how you can get rid of him:

And yes….you can improve the colour a bit too.

And then on this one I started editing out the birds that annoyed me and it got a bit out of hand:

But it’s fun, and it’s not all that different to the filters people use on their phones.  But do keep an eye out on future photos if it suddenly looks like I’ve started globe trotting, because…well, it’s probably more likely to be the result of another class :o)

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