Dancing in the strobe lights

I went to the hair dressers on Wednesday – it was the second time since covid started that I’ve been.  When you’re as infrequent as me they just give you anyone and this time the tiny lady with the scissors was a lovely smiley person and we chatted lots.  And at one point something made me ask her age.  Twenty Two.  ‘So how old um…is your Mum?’ blurted out my mouth before I had time to swallow back the thought.  Forty five.  The same age as me.  I knew tiny scissor hands was younger than me, but…well, frankly I am deluded about my age and was a little traumatised to realise she really could have been my daughter.  She very kindly told me that she’d ‘never have thought I was that old’ though so I was….kind of ok about it.

Anyway, I told her that the next night I was going to see Fatboy Slim and had spent the mornings dog walk wondering if I could get away with wearing my gym trainers as they are my most comfortable ones….and then wondered if leggings was taking it too far.

It turns out though – according to tiny scissor hands –  that the night out uniform of my early 20’s of ‘jeans and a sparkly top’ is no longer essential and I could absolutely look like I was off to the gym.

I didn’t do that though.  I may not go out that much these days (especially the last few years) but old habits die hard:  Jeans and a sparkly top it was.  With trainers (but not gym ones).

It was blimin’ amazing.  That feeling of the bass vibrating through your body, people watching everyone from men my Dad’s age raving away in their own little bubble, to the lady on her own with the very sparkly dress and huge platform trainers to the teens bought along by their mums and, I imagine, seeing them in a whole new light.  I saw me in a whole new light.  I used to have to be very drunk to set foot on the dance floor but apparently that changes with age.  Himself and I were dancing to the support act from the moment we walked in and didn’t stop all night.

I might be a long way from twenty two, but it seems I can still dance the night away.

…it’s just everything REALLY hurts from the moment you leave until…well, almost 24 hours and counting.

I’m almost ready to do it again though….and it’s a lot more effective steps wise than a circuits class! :o)

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