A few Bradley malfunctions

When I wrote my last post I wasn’t sure how it would be taken.  I can’t put into words how lovely the messages I had on here, Facebook, text and e-mail were…thank you so much.  I think one of the favourite comments I had was informing me that I have ‘balls the size of space hoppers’.  That made me laugh a lot…but I have to say it’s not helped my conviction that I am looking a little like a transvestite with Bradley in place.

I wont blog on this every time but I thought you might like an update on our first few days together.

We had our first social outing on New Years Eve when I went to Gorgeous Godsons mum and dads house for a lovely dinner with some of their friends.  The friends didn’t know any of this so I used it as a bit of a test.  I think we passed although it turns out that Bradley is a bit of a limpet and got rather tight on my head.  At one point I rushed upstairs into the bathroom, pulled him off…and discovered a distinct lack of mirrors to use to help me pop him back on….  Happily I found one in my friends’ bedroom and Bradley was restored.

On Wednesday I decided to work from home, partly to make sure I could keep Bradley on for a full working day somewhere that I could take him off if needed, and partly because I am a total chicken.  Just as I was about to get in the shower the postman rung the doorbell.  Rather than take the sensible option and wrap a towel around my baldy head, I threw Bradley on and went for the ‘it’s-morning-and-I’ve-not-brushed-my-hair-yet’ look.  Mr Postman gave me some really odd sideways looks as I signed for the parcel.  I discovered why when I walked back into the bathroom.  Bradley was perching at an interesting angle and so far back on my head that a lot of the shaved part showed.  Hey ho…I guess I needed one serious malfunction this week.

Yesterday I went into the office.  It wasn’t a full office but the lovely girls who knew what was going on were all there and were amazing.  It took me until 2.15pm to work out how to put my glasses on without them getting caught in the wig framework thing and I did spend a lot of the day with my fingers between scalp and fringe to relieve the limpetness, but I did it.  Now I just have to do the same when the office is full…and then go to the other office I spend time in.  I’ve done a bit though, and I even had a compliment on my ‘lovely new hair cut’ yesterday which made my day!

Tonight’s activity is to wash Bradley (there is a special procedure) and attempt a spot of stretching.  Sister 1 very kindly bought me a mannequin head this week and we decoupage-ed it to make it pretty.  Of course, we’ve had to name Head and although Bradley was named for the Wiggins part, we’ve related Head to another Brad and she is now called Angelina.  Sister one had the genius idea of making her more feminine than she was when we finished, so she now even has the trademark red lips!  :o)

Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina

Thank you again for all your support,  It means so much.x

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4 Responses to A few Bradley malfunctions

  1. Kaleidoscope says:

    Posties must see all sorts! Mine has seen me in only my towel, with a toothbrush hanging from my frothing mouth…luckily I don’t get parcels very often!

    Although Sister 1 has done a great job with Angelina (what lips!), it has to be said Brad looks better with you :)

    As you need a bigger head it seems to unlimpet Bradley, here’s another compliment to add to your collection: You looked really lovely on Thurs- the colours suit your natural skin tones perfectly.

    • thepogblog says:

      I’ve just realised who you are!
      Thank you for the compliments, but more importantly, thank you for being there on Thursday. You made the day A LOT easier than it might have been otherwise. You are a great friend. x

  2. David Wood says:

    Helen, Whoever described the size of your balls was underestimating them!! I just love your bravery and am very proud to be able to call you a friend. I only wish my balls were as big as yours. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and will give you a big hug which hopefully will convey how proud I am of you. David xx

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