The Pog Blog in 2012

I was asked by a wise friend over Christmas if I would do a blog summary for 2012.  Events rather overtook, but better late than never I thought I’d do it now.

I my view of the blog I can see how many people read my ramblings each day, the counties people are from and how they land on the page.  The results amaze me.  This is a list of countries that visitors are from:


That is a lot of orange!


The bit that makes me smile though, is the things people search on…and that those terms land them here.  These are some of the more odd ones:

  • Sensible knickers
  • Ear wigging
  • Biscuitmen up
  • Pog diy
  • Genius muffins
  • Daftness
  • Screaming shrews
  • Broken pog
  • Lopping balls off
  • Flumps exercising

And my two favourites, just because it makes you wonder what is in peoples heads:

  • Pog leg wont tighten
  • Dating antique singer sewing machine

Why would anyone consider dating a sewing machine?! Still, it does reassure me that there are a few people out there dafter than me.  It’s just it’s slightly worrying that the internet decides that the Pog Blog is the answer to that daftness… Thank you for reading in 2012 and contributing to my numbers.  And  if one of those search terms are yours….well, the less said the better! :o)

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