Pud Tats (sorry Dog Bods)

Not much tends to happen (at least for me) at the start of January, so the choice of blog post topics tonight are cats or Bradleys.  As, I imagine,  more of you have a cat than a Bradley (and I don’t want to bore you any more with my baldiness quite yet) I’m going with cats.

Because there has been A LOT of cat things around of late.

As a wise lady commented, this is proportionally about right on the relative importance of cats versus the rest of the household

As a wise lady commented, this is proportionally about right on the relative importance of cats versus the rest of the household

Just before Christmas Sister 2 and I got rather involved with a local cat which didn’t seem to be allowed inside his own house.  We’ve done everything we can (including getting him a space in a local cat rescue place) but after a slightly awkward conversation with his owner he decided not to sign him over and instead unblock the cat flap (!) and keep us up to date with his cat care.  Pud, as we have called him, seems to want none of this, instead preferring the home we gave him…possibly because he can see both our front doors from there and pops in when he fancies (Norman is not impressed by this, obviously).  At least Pud is happier though than when he was locked out and we were finding him shivering outside in all weathers with no shelter.

Pud at home

Pud at home

Meanwhile, I think Norman has been learning to develop opposable thumbs.  I have a small wicker basket with a loop on the  lid.  I’ve watched as he hooks his claws into the loop, removes the lid and unpacks the sewing in there.  Then the other night I was trimming sewing threads with a tiny pair of scissors and he perfected the art of picking them up.  He put his claws in the handle, picked them up and waved them around a bit.  I found this disconcerting….where could it go next?  Sister 2 though saw the bright side….maybe I can start training him to help with poggyW makingness…

And here are a couple of You Tube videos that people have posted this week that made me laugh (sound needed for both).  If you’re more of a dog person, this might appeal:


pud 3

But if you’re a real cat bod (or just want a laugh), take a look at this one.


pud 2

Right, I’m off to do some Norman training :o)

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