Bradley Malfunctions 2

Well, it’s cold.  Especially when you are lacking on the hair front.  (I’d take my hat off to all the men who have done baldy heads in -5 over a number of years, but frankly, my ears may get frost bite).

I’ve been having a few Bradley based fun and games over the last few weeks.  He’s still too tight, but it’s getting better.  I think.  I’ve learned a few things too:

Sit on hands when offered a compliment:  Just because someone is nice about my new hair doesn’t mean that they ‘know’.  In fact, often they don’t.  I must learn to accept compliments rather than saying ‘thank you.  But you know it’s a wig, right?’ as I lift the front off my scalp to demonstrate and terrify the complimenter in the process.

Be aware of surroundings: 17 hours is way too long to wear Bradley in one go.  Deciding that the pain is intolerable in Tesco car park (even if it is 10pm) before getting to the car is not a great idea.  I pulled him off just as I was leaving the store thinking it was empty outside.  It turned out that a lot of Tesco staff were having a cigarette break not too far away.  There may now be a number of traumatised Tesco employees in the Bumpkinsville store.

If you don’t ask you don’t get.  But you need to be careful how you ask:   I had to have some professional photos taken at work the other day.  I’m not photogenic and don’t like posing but I did it and all was good.  Then the conversations went like this:

Me: Could I ask a favour? If it’s inappropriate, you can say so

Photographer:  Ok….

Me:  Who else sees these photos?  Is it just you and me?

Photographer: Erm. Yes…

(I think at this point, based on the look on his face, he thought I was about to ask for some…ahem….glamour shots)

Me:  Great.  Would you mind taking just one like this….

And I whipped Bradley off.  I’m not sure if he was relieved or shocked.  Either way, he recovered rapidly and I now have these photos to give you a giggle.

transvestite Pog

transvestite Pog

baldy Pog (spot the wig indentations...)

baldy Pog (spot the wig indentations…)

Maybe I shouldn’t have sent them both to my boss to say I was unsure which I should use as my profile picture.  Thankfully she has a sense of humour though.

And one final thing.  I think I need a nightcap (hat rather than drink).  I’ve taken to wearing my woolly hat all day when I am at home and Bradley-less, but it is SO cold when I go to bed, I have to keep my head under the duvet.  That would be ok but at the moment I have a duvet, a quilted blanket, two normal blankets and a furry throw.  I worry that I may get trapped under the weight of them.  Hmmm.  Maybe the answer is the other sort of night cap.  I’ll try that one tonight :o)

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2 Responses to Bradley Malfunctions 2

  1. Emma says:

    Beautiful in both photos xx

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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