A thank you chicken

When my Sisters and I were little we always wrote thank you cards – we all still do in fact.  Mum trained us well.  She  told us that if we didn’t write thank you’s for presents we were given the person who was kind enough to give us something would assume we didn’t like it and would never, ever give us anything again. Our Mum is not daft.

These days it’s an awful lot easier to send thanks via email, text message or facebook, but our family still firmly believe in tangible thank you’s that come through snail mail.  We even post them to each other.  Even if we are seeing each other before it will get delivered.  OK, it’s a bit odd, but at this stage in my blog, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Some of my friends write thank you cards too, and I love getting them.  Last week I had one from Gorgeous Godson’s big brother.  I could imagine the pain he and his Mum must have gone through to get those couple of lines written, and I appreciated it so much.  It’s up on my book shelf and will stay there until Christmas, at least.

This weekend though, I received a thank you more impressive than any other.  A while back I made a blanket for a baby my friend was expecting.  As the baby to be had a big sister I thought it only right she should have something too, so using the pattern I had for the chicken egg cosies I made at Easter and increasing it quite a bit, I made her a chicken toy:

egg cosy on the left, giant chicken on the right

egg cosy on the left, giant chicken on the right

It matched the blanket:

chicken 1

So what did I get sent through snail mail?  This:


It’s an almost perfect replica of the wool version and she looks so happy!  I almost feel like I should write a thank you back, but I’ve been caught in one of those thank you loops before, and it’s not pretty.

So there you go.  If you don’t fancy the traditional thank you, you could always go for a chicken.  It will definitely raise a smile or two. :o)

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2 Responses to A thank you chicken

  1. sally503 says:

    What a lovely thankyou!

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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