Happy 2016!

I just wanted to write a short post to wish you all a very happy 2016 and to thank all of you for following my ramblings for another year.  It makes me very smiley (and still slightly stunned that anyone would take the time) :o)

Norman and I have had a discussion about resolutions and we’ve decided, once again, to leave them to people with more will power than us.  In a year where, amongst ther things, I (admittedly very briefly) tried internet dating, made an accidental cameo appearance on a rather important live film, attempted a 2 hour commute with a giant Connect 4 board, secret bakered for a whole year, found rodents in varying states of decay scattered around the house, started fitball classes, developed and perfected the ‘belly flop’ yoga move and learned an awful lot from a certain Little Pea, I think if 2016 is anything like 2015, there wont be time for any resolutions.  Instead, Norman and I will be reminding ourselves of these words as often as we can:


(Although Norman is refusing to stick to no running in the house.  It doesn’t happen often, but he is not prepared to give up his racecourse nights.)

And just before I leave you for this year, I have a final tip:  Don’t try baking on one side of the kitchen while attempting something else involving super glue and teeny tiny mother of pearl buttons on the other (especially when your kitcen is the size of a postage stamp).  It creates a level of chaos I didn’t think even I was capeable of.  Still, I’m pretty sure the cake only includes the recipe ingredients.  It’s just that in ensuring that, I now have a number of buttons superglued to my work bench and the only thing decorating my fingers at tonight’s party will be the lumps of superglue that are refusing to budge.  :o)

Have a very happy 2016 and thank you again for being there, reading my blog :o)

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5 Responses to Happy 2016!

  1. I’m sure it was intended to read ‘be grumpy’ rather than ‘be grateful’!

  2. Sacha says:

    Awww love ya gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

  3. Shirley and John says:

    Yep, wouldn’t argue with that!

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