Not selfless but smiley

Is there a truly selfless act?  One that you gain absolutely no benefit from?  Sister 2 and I discussed this in depth a while back and we went through all sorts of scenarios.  In the end we realised that ultimately all were done, at a minimum, to feel good about doing them.

It really annoyed me as I thought truly good things should be selfless.  But then I decided that actually, it didn’t matter.  If you feel good for making someone else feel good, so be it.  And I’ve noticed that when I feel a bit fed up with things, I make myself feel better by trying to bring a smile to other people.

I’ve been feeling a bit fed up for no particularly good reason so I decided to get off my grumpy backside and do some nice things.  They weren’t big things, but as a result, this week I’ve received thank you-s in the shape of seven text messages, one e-mail, a card and a bunch of flowers.  I don’t feel fed up anymore :o)

Next time you feel a bit humphy, it might be worth trying – it’s a win-win situation, and really, does it matter if it’s not selfless?  Surely it’s just better to do something for someone else?

Note:  None of this stops stupidity.

I still spent half a day in the office with chocolate on my nose because nobody thought to tell me.

I still had an entire day with Mr Majeika hair that refused to be tamed no matter how many times I tried the ‘Mum trick’ of licking my palm and trying to smooth it down.

I currently have 25 eggs in my fridge because…  Well, I have no idea.  I’m wondering if a chicken has taken up residence in the kitchen and views the fridge as a nesting box.  My secret baker-ing this weekend is going to have to involve a lot of them as it’s getting a bit crowded in there and Norman cat doesn’t like eggs.  Even boiled, with soldiers.  Hopefully the result will be some smiles in the office and for me too.  That’s kind of ok, isn’t it? :o)

Just to prove that no exaggerations were made in the writing of this blog...

Just to prove that no exaggerations were made in the writing of this blog…

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