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I DID IT!!!!

This time last year I was sitting here feeling sick, wondering if I should hit the ‘publish’ button.  I was about to tell the world (ok, not the world, but a heap of friends and quite a few people I … Continue reading

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A 6 month (ish) celebration!

I can’t work out where the half year mark is.  Is it midsummers day?  Or the last day in June?  Or the first day in July?  Whatever the answer, we’re kind of there, which means….  <drum roll please> …I have … Continue reading

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The scariest blog post I have ever written….

This is the scariest blog I have ever written, but there are a few reasons for sitting here feeling sick while I try to work out how to start…  Maybe I should just plough straight in. This is me how … Continue reading

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