Ten thousand smiles (ish!)

Ok, numbers aren’t important.  Well, hmmm.  I guess that depends actually…

When I started writing this blog I realised quite rapidly that I could track the number of people clicking on it.  ‘It’s not important’ I tell myself on a regular basis, ‘but it is rather interesting’ I argue back as I check the stats for the 19th time that day…

I can’t manipulate the figures before you wonder.  The blog ‘recognises’ me and so doesn’t count any of my clicks, which is why it is a bit exciting when the numbers go up.  Because it’s you spending your time reading my words.  Which is all a bit daft when you think about it, after all, I’m pretty sure that it was suggested I wrote the blog so that friends didn’t have to actually listen to the trials and tribulations of this Pog.

So why am I wibbling about the numbers now?  Well, over the weekend the number of hits on the blog wandered over a bit of a landmark.  I now have over 10,000 hits.  Yes, TEN THOUSAND. 

So thank you for reading.  It means that me trying to make you smile has made you make me smile back.  I think :o)x

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2 Responses to Ten thousand smiles (ish!)

  1. Jeanne says:

    Don’t forget how far (distance) reaching your blog is!! I’m not in the next village. :)

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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