A Return to Dating. Again.

I was going to maintain a dignified silence on this, but frankly, I’m not dignified and rarely quiet so…Tonight, I’m off on a first date!  It’s a bit of a long story but essentially, about a year ago I signed up to an Introduction Agency.  I had one pretty horrendous date but then a few days later I met TTB and we went out for a while.  In that time I invoked the ‘holiday’ I could take from the Agency…and then TTB saw the light and hurtled towards it (and away from me )  :o(

So, I signed myself back up.  I imagined it would be a fair while before I was given a match – and was kind of hoping so if I’m honest – but…  within a week I was sent a profile, had a phone call and tonight I’m off for a drink. GULP.

I’ve spent a good part of the last week panicking about the fact that this bloke has to contend with me (clearly a bit of a trial based on past experience) and the fact that I wear a wig, but then some good friends have pointed out to me that I am a looong way from having to worry about the latter, and they are right.  I’m not entirely comfortable that I’ll be lying by omission, but the option of whipping Bradley off half way through a vodka and lemonade isn’t really much of an option.

It’s taken a concerted effort but I have now moved from the rather unique panic-that-I-am-going-on-a-first-date-and-I-wear-a-wig to the more standard panic-that-I-am-going-on-a-first-date.  I have washed my hair (It’s been drying in the bathroom all day) and shaved my head (how weird is that? – I felt like it was the required preparation!), and now I’m wondering whether I can get away with wearing a thermal vest under the top I’m about to iron.  No?  Well I suppose it is a date.  Actually, sod that.  It’s freezing cold and I’ll be wearing a wig.  Having a thermal vest on is going to be the least of my worries!

Wish me luck – please! :o)


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6 Responses to A Return to Dating. Again.

  1. Shirley and John says:

    Good luck Pog, not that you’ll need it. You and Bradley make an awesome team

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