Animal superpowers

Yesterday I told someone at work that my cat has quite a personality.  She said ‘all animals do though, don’t they?’  My first instinct was that she didn’t get it – Norman is different.  I mean, you’ve seen this, right?


But actually she’s right.

This is Monster, one of Sister 1’s three dogs.  He can smile:


And this is Bertie, Sister 2’s epileptic Boxer dog who is the size of a small horse and likes giving hugs:


Aren’t they great?

And we know Norman is great too, but he excelled himself last night.  He always sleeps on top of my wardrobe.  He either goes up there when I go to bed, or if I am still up, between exactly 11.45pm and midnight he will climb off his spot on the sofa, look at me in a slightly disapproving way, and make a noise while he jumps up as though to tell me I should be making a move towards the land of nod too.

The last few nights I’ve not slept very well– if the cough lingering from last weeks cold hasn’t woken me up, really weird nightmares have (the most memorable being the one where I was chased by blood thirsty horses after all my teeth and gums had fallen out, which apparently the horses wanted to eat….I have no idea where that came from.) Between the two, I’ve managed 3-4 hours sleep each night.  But not last night.  Last night Norman must have known and decided to intervene, ignoring the wardrobe.  Instead, he curled up next to me on the bed, wrapped his tail around my neck and stayed there all night.  And I slept like a bear in hibernation.

Smiling Monsters, hugging Berties and sleep inducing Normans.  You can’t really help but smile. :o)

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7 Responses to Animal superpowers

  1. notewords says:

    They are all different.
    If my cat wants to sleep inside the bed, she pats me to tell me which side she want to get in. (My face – usually my nose – if she wants in front, the back of my head if she wants to lie along my back) And DON’T try any hurry her. ;-)

  2. hushsix says:

    I agree. Each one has his or her own personality. I have two cats now, both rather ancient. One is incredibly neurotic. He panics if he can see the bottom of his food bowl. The other is old and moody.

  3. Good old Norman! Sounds like he can also see off blood-thirsty horses as well!

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