A weirdy old week…

Wow, it’s been a weirdy old week.

Snow in Bumpkinsville meant that Sister 1 had to extract me in her 4×4 on Sunday so I could get to the station and to Milton Keynes for a training course.  Of course, the trains were being ‘interesting’ due to the snow, but those of us trying to work out the next train were still slightly stunned to me told by station staff to look on the internet on our phones as they had no information…

Anyway, I made it to Milton Keyes with just the one embarrassining incident (somehow getting the zips on the inside of my boots stuck together on the concourse at Euston, narrowly avoiding a forward roll as a result, but instead having to walk like a penguin until I could separate the things).

The course was brilliant – lovely, lovely people, interesting things to learn and a constant supply of delicious food.  I’m never mentioning people’s accents again though…

 ‘Oooh, are you from Argentina?  No?  Oh, Ireland…’  And

‘What part of Australia are you from?  You’re English?  From Birmingham.  Right…’

So I had two days of loveliness and then had to get back to reality. Reality has, as some of you know, not been terribly lovely recently.  But what I have discovered this week is that I have some very, very good friends who think I’m ok just the way I am.  So to those of you who have listened to me and to those of you who have sent me messages, you are fantabulous.  I’m sorry I’ve not had many smiles to share, but thank you for lending me yours.  It’s meant a lot :o) xxx

some love bugs, from me to you. x

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