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I made food!

Tonight I made something that wasn’t toast! I roasted tomatoes – from my garden, with feta and rosemary – from my garden (not the feta, obviously) and had that with lettuce – from my garden and a jacket potato: It … Continue reading

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A little makingness update

This weekend I have: Caught up with my temperature blanket: Made another pair of trousers: Despite Norman’s protestations: Got all healthy: And made eight dinners /lunches: Finished and delivered two minions hats: And started making more. There is a cake … Continue reading

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Christmas preparations, Pog and Norman style

Not known for my prowess in the kitchen, all Mum asked me to do in preparation for tomorrow was make some canapés. She even gave me the recipe and some of the ingredients to reduce the likelihood of anything going … Continue reading

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Dinner and chinchillas

One of the very good things about living on my own is that I never have to consider anyone else when it comes to dinner.  This is also one of the very bad things as most of the time it … Continue reading

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Lessons learned, mostly from Little Pea

I’ve just had the best 10 days.  No work, no laptop, and don’t fall off your chair, but I even found the off button to my blackberry (I admit, it took a good 10 minutes to identify) and managed to … Continue reading

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Bumpkinsville based

This weekend was a real Bumpkinsville one. First Little Pea came to play.  He bought me some GORGEOUS chocolates:  And then did a spot of Auntie Pog climbing: Then we went to see the ducks (who were hiding): And the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Vinegar – a recipe and a few Pog tips

Last year my aunt made me a bottle of the most amazing raspberry vinegar.  I managed to eek it out until a few weeks ago…and then discovered that you can’t buy the stuff – at least not in any of … Continue reading

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The Secret Baker update

When I was at primary school, I was very jealous of Emma.  Whenever Emma was poorly, her mum would take a z-bed (that’s what we called posh camp beds in the early 80’s) into their lounge with Emma’s duvet and … Continue reading

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Lessons of the week

It’s been one of those weeks where I wonder if it’s just me that’s a bit odd or if other people are just quieter about it. I have discovered that: Bradley now does interesting ‘curling’ when part way through drying.  … Continue reading

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The (almost) secret baker

OK, this is another post that I was going to ‘save’ but I want to share the fun of it with you now :o) Most work places can sometimes be boring, stressful places.  Don’t get me wrong – I have … Continue reading

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