Bumpkinsville based

This weekend was a real Bumpkinsville one.

First Little Pea came to play.  He bought me some GORGEOUS chocolates:


 And then did a spot of Auntie Pog climbing:


Then we went to see the ducks (who were hiding):


And the jumpers with legs (also known as sheep.  It’s a long story.):


When we got home we did jumping:


And then we had a bit of a lie down to look at the sky:


On Sunday, for the first time ever, I had Mum and Dad over for Sunday dinner.  First, Mum and I went for a walk:


And then I rather ruined it all with the dinner.  It was meant to be chicken pilaf.  It was suspiciously like chicken rice pudding…  I think (hope?!) I redeemed myself with a pudding of fruit brulee though:


And the weekend finished in true Bumpkinsville style with two power cuts.


Power cuts and chicken rice pudding aside, it was rather lovely :o)

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