Cards, chocolates and cornflake cakes

One good thing about Valentine’s day when you are a spinster with cat is that there are absolutely no expectations, so you can’t be disappointed*.

The best bit about having no expectations is that then, when something lovely happens, it’s twice as lovely.

So receiving a Valentine’s card from Norman via The Lovely Nut, (an ex’s mum, obviously.  Who else would arrange a card from your cat?!) made me smiley that she’d been so very thoughtful.

Translation:  To the one I love - but I also love your wool.  purr!

Translation: To the one I love – but I also love your wool. purr!

Then I noticed a bag attached to my front door.  A mystery admirer left me these:


It wasn’t a mystery admirer, obviously, but what a brilliant sister I have to do that for me.

And then I popped over to a friend’s and her three year old son had made me chocolate cornflake cakes.  Not as a Valentine thing, but just because:


So tonight, I don’t feel sad that I’ll be crocheting on the sofa with Norman.  I’ll be feeling happy that I have such lovely, thoughtful people around.  And that’s a kind of love, isn’t it?

Whether you’re with the love of your life, curled up with your cat, or somewhere in between, Happy Valentine’s Day to you :o)

* of course I’d rather be swept off my feet with hearts and flowers, but you know, I’m being positive here :o)

'I'm just going to do a quick quality check here...'

‘I’m just going to do a quick quality check here…’

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2 Responses to Cards, chocolates and cornflake cakes

  1. Paula Harrington says:

    How right you are (as always). To be loved is a blessing (even if not by the man of your dreams). And to be loved by so many people – and cats – shows how special you are and the extent to which you have blessed them. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear pog xx

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