Christmas preparations, Pog and Norman style

Not known for my prowess in the kitchen, all Mum asked me to do in preparation for tomorrow was make some canapés. She even gave me the recipe and some of the ingredients to reduce the likelihood of anything going too wrong. I have made the things, but…well they don’t look like the picture. It also turns out that:

  • if you leave the kitchen for 5 minutes while the pastry cools in the fridge and accidentally leave the baking sheets and baking parchment on the hob, which you somehow accidentally turned on, you’ll return to a kitchen filled with smoke and have to finish cooking with the front door open
  • even with the front door open, it’s possible to set the smoke alarm off. Twice.
  • even though the recipe contains just 5 key ingredients, it is possible to forget one entirely

It’s a good job I know my own limitations and had invested in some shop bought nibbles to take with me tomorrow, just in case.

Meanwhile, Norman started his festivities early:

Have a lovely Christmas!


Me and Norman :o)



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2 Responses to Christmas preparations, Pog and Norman style

  1. SBonline says:

    Happy Christmas Helen

    From your upholstery friend Steph.

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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