Christmas: done

So Christmas is over and the next focus is the New Year. Before we get to that though, I just wanted to pop a few Christmassy things on here before it is completely and utterly gone.

I couldn’t put it on here before as Sister 2 would have seen, but as, at the age of 33 and 3/4 her goal in life is still to be a mermaid, I tried to help her out a little. My present to her was this mermaid blanket and a little Sister 2 mermaid that I made for her. I think she was quite pleased :o)



A few months ago, Sister 1 had asked me what I wanted, adding ‘but not wool’, which is my standard answer. As I wasn’t allowed wool, I requested a sheep. Then had second thoughts and said that I’d have to have a field too, as Pog Towers garden is mostly pebbles rather than grass. Sister 2 informed me that she was ‘on it’ and sure enough, on Christmas day, I got a sheep and a field:


(The field canvas is a picture she tool with her iPhone that I loved). Not quite the ready supply of wool I had hoped for, but she was true to her word…and it is still making me giggle.

Sister 2 gave me a gorgeous necklace. I cant work out how they got the dandelion wishes in there. I love it.


And a few months ago, I persuaded Mum to use my sewing machine to get back into making clothes, like she had did when we were little. She made Little Pea a dressing gown, and spurred on by that success, decided to make one each for my Sisters for Christmas. As is often the way, versions 2 and 3 became increasingly complicated, so I asked rather than a dressing gown, if I could have a pair of pyjama bottoms.thinking that would be easier to make. It turned out that they weren’t easier, but Mummy W persevered and made me…two full pairs of PJs…just like I had when Iwas little!


They are so snuggly that I’ve actually taken two of the blankets off my bed! (I do still have three hot water bottles and a winter duvet though, so sadly I am still very much a toad).

The best part of any Christmas for me, is spending time with the family and the laughts that produces.  We all said the same thing on Boxing Day:  all our friends of Facebook had posted sensible family group shots that were pretty picture perfect. We took 25 in an attempt to get a sensible one and that was accompanied on Facebook by a vidoe of us rounding off Christmas dinner with a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, all waering false teeth.  Obviously. :o)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that you had lots of smiles too :o)


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  1. Yup, a very good Christmas, which I enjoyed very munch.

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