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Little Pea and me in Beachville

I had my first visitor to Beachville this weekend – Little Pea came to stay :o)  I’ve only had him to stay overnight once before, and this time he stayed for two.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there are … Continue reading

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My weekend: show and tell

This weekend  I: learned that there might be a morning and evening tea towel, but the morning tea towel should actually be used until 6.30pm, at which point swapping to the evening tea towel is essential. There is an element … Continue reading

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Randomness and getting a little bit Christmassy

I’ve not quite go  into the Christmas spirit yet,  but Christmassy things are starting to happen around the edges. Last  Sunday Grandad introduced Little Pea to 70’s children’s tv.   After a spot of Hector’s House, the Magic Roundabout and … Continue reading

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Blue skies and furniture

This weekend was mostly about blue skies and furniture. On Saturday I spent eight hours transforming this: Into this: It’s not perfect, but I rather like it :o) And today, with the really blue skies here for once (I took … Continue reading

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Just when you thought….

….the 40th celebrations were all over, it turns out you can be instructed to appear at your parents house, having made ‘a bit of an effort’, be met on the main road by a shepherd/ Jesus / who knows (Dad … Continue reading

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A grown up Pog?

Last week a colleague told me that reaching your 40s means you no longer have an excuse not to be a grown up, that everything starts to become more settled and sensible. I can’t think of anything worse, so even though … Continue reading

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A butterfly day out

Yesterday Sister 2 organised a day out to the butterfly house at Wisley. Here’s a few photos :o) Thank you, SIster 2 for organising us all :o)

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Not The Waltons

Every Sunday various combinations of Sister 1, Sister 2, Little Pea various other halves and I go to my parents house for Sunday dinner.  Mum cooks the main course and we take it in turns to make pudding, with varying … Continue reading

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Christmas round up and some naughty finger puppets

Just before Christmas is completely over, I thought I’d do a quick Christmas roundup. I had a lovely Christmas Eve with Gorgeous Godson and his big brother.  We put out a drink for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph … Continue reading

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Fundraising, cakes and other things

In the past, I’ve done a bit of fundraising through a few sponsored events, and where I’ve raised money through selling my makingness.  It turns out that was really rather small scale compared to recent efforts. The difference though, is that … Continue reading

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